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Australia’s most famous Ted at 50….and single

PRESS RELEASE IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 23rd August 2018 - Melbourne: Within the Australian retail trade, Ted Todd is a bit of a legend. His cartooned face is recognised all over Australia and is still used for advertising campaigns decades after his sale of his business, Ted’s Cameras. However, like most successful people there is a tale to tell …one that helped shape the man behind the cartoon. Born in Hungary in 1941 Ted’s childhood was plagued by heartbreak, poverty and turmoil as Hitler’s Nazi occupation began to grip his homeland and his surviving family was forced into life in the Jewish ghetto. His survival alongside his mother through the war, his life as a refugee in a camp in Austria an

Looking through Ted’s camera from a different angle…

PRESS RELEASE IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9 th August 2018 - Melbourne: In 1941, Ted Todd’s father was taken as part of an alliance between Hungary and Nazi Germany during WW2. Like most able bodied young Jewish men in Hungary at this time, he was drafted into the Jewish Labour Service to perform forced labour during the Holocaust. A large percentage of these men were sent with the Hungarian Second Army to the occupied territories of the Soviet Union and subjected to grinding brutality on the front. Some 80% never returned home, falling prey to battle, disease, Soviet captivity or murder at hands of Hungarian soldiers. Ted’s father was one of these men. During this time his mother, who was an incredib

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