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Book Publicist Australia

Have You Been Asking: "How Do I Promote My Book"? We Have The Answers and The Support You Need

The most common question any author asks once they finish their book is, ”How do I promote my book?”. It is very simple, you do the writing, and we will do the promoting. At Aisling Enterprises you will receive a tailored book publicity campaign from an experienced book publicist who is hardworking, connected and friendly.

If you have spent months pouring all your creativity and energy into a project, then you deserve to receive attention from the public for it - but it’s not always easy, even when you produce quality work. Many authors think that once a book is published the rest is "gravy", but the fact is that if you want to increase sales and even have a chance at a coveted bestseller list you need to do a lot of background work - beyond the writing.


We are highly skilled and efficient book publicists in Australia who will keep your schedule packed and your book on the minds of readers across the nation. At Aisling Enterprises, we thoroughly enjoy the process of helping writers receive attention for their hard work, especially when the work is good! 


So come to us when you have completed your end of the job and you will find a team that is ready to start their job!

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