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Public Relations Melbourne

Aisling Enterprises is Your Solution to Your Search for Public Relations in Melbourne.

If you have written a great book and your publishing house is about to start pushing it, you can still take matters into your own hands. Contact us for book publicity in Melbourne and start the ball rolling for your next book tour - because your publishing company likely has a lot of authors that they work with and no one will take the marketing of your book as seriously as you do!


As a boutique agency, Aisling Enterprises does not provide a one size fits all service. You will quickly discover that our boutique agency provides a highly personal publicity service that works for you. This bespoke service means that you will reach the audience you desire and that you will not need to waste your time, energy, or money dealing with aspects that do not actually pertain to your needs!


Getting the right tone to your public relations message can likely do more for you and your brand in Melbourne than you realise. Most importantly if you are about to be in the public eye for your work, we make sure that the image you put forth is exactly the one you want. You want your publicity to be about your work and your message. At Aisling Enterprises we can help you spread the word and create a buzz around your newest project, book, or event. We serve the people in and around Melbourne with quality public relations services and more. If the whole world of publicising yourself and your work is new and you don’t know where to start, don't fret. We treat every client like they are the only client and you will find that the whole process is a lot more enjoyable than you may expect.


Call Aisling Enterprise today to start on the path to career success.

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