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A principal’s view on raising happy kids


MELBOURNE – September 2021 – Much focus has been placed recently whilst we live through a global pandemic, on the importance of children’s mental health. The primary school years are those years where there can be a range of issues that can destabilise a child, especially emotionally. There has been a push to respond to a need exposed by the pandemic for a more sustainable, everyday way for schools to help their students. But what can parents do to help their kids at home? Gail Smith has almost 30 years’ experience as a school principal, teacher, qualified counsellor, and mother. This month Gail will share her valuable insights about these formative years for children in a unique new book called, THE PRIMARY SCHOOL YEARS – A Principal’s perspective on raising happy kids.

The book aims to gives parents useful tips and suggestions about how to find a balance in parenting. It is drawn from Gail’s own personal experience supporting children and families firsthand, Gail strives to help parents feel more confident and secure in understanding how to support their child as they grow. She guides parents to accept more readily that the problems faced are generally manageable - and that there are ways to continue to build a strong relationship with your child, and address concerning issues at the same time.

Gail says, “Primary school days are an exciting time in a child's life and are full of wonder and learning. This book is an opportunity for families to learn about how to support their children during these years, where there is so much change and development going on. As a former Principal, I am excited to share the wonderful experiences I had in supporting children and families, through the many facets of their developmental years.. The journey through school brings with it many opportunities and challenges for families along the way. This book gives parents helpful strategies in dealing with situations that from time to time, challenge a child emotionally, socially, and intellectually. “

Whether your child is just starting out in school or already a few years in - this book is a must read for all parents. Gail addresses key issues in every parent’s day to day life – such as how to talk to your child, the importance of routine and structure, being a role a model, and dealing with bad behaviour. The book also contains common sense lists of tips on a range of issues in the book including how to find a balance in parenting, how to talk to your child effectively, and how to manage difficult family issues and children’s anxiety. Gail also suggests that after reading the introduction, you study the contents and find topics of interest, so that you can dip into the book at any time, as the need arises and find some guidance throughout the school term and year.

The book is available for purchase via her website or Amazon, Booktopia. More information about Gail and access to her useful parent education blogs can also be obtained via her website

Gail Smith is available for interview by arrangement. To arrange an interview or request a review copy of the book - please contact Aisling Brady (nee Gilhooly) - Publicist on M: 0424 520 345 OR E:



Gail Smith was born in Melbourne and completed her secondary education at Catholic Ladies College. She went on to achieve a Master of Educational Leadership (ACU) and a Master of Counselling (ACU), Graduate Diploma in Urban Sociology (Swinburne). Gail is a marriage celebrant and was an accredited Parent Effectiveness Trainer and Growth Coach. A mother of three and a grandmother of five, Gail was a teacher at three schools – and Principal at three other Primary Schools. Since retirement she has published the website blog that can be found at


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