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Season two of Sunday Travels with Sarah Todd is here. In 2020 Sarah Todd launched this exciting new cooking series where each week Sarah invited a guest from the top of their field onto the show for a fun and engaging chat about life and travel - as she recreated their favourite meal from their travels for them. The show was then broadcast every other Sunday on her Instagram and had an incredible lineup of guests, including Rachael Finch, Shaynna Blaze, Carl Cox, Tim Robards and Neale Whitaker, to name a few. The show offered guests an excellent opportunity to have their favourite meal not only recreated by an international chef but offered a fun way to learn it yourself and talk a bit about your travel experiences and swap funny stories with Sarah. The second series will take place on location in Melbourne in late 2021. The aim is to create a wonderful sense of nostalgia and fun as Sarah uses her unique charm and personable nature to get to know each of the guests and introduce them to her audience. The original format was built and distributed on Instagram. This platform offered Sarah’s wealth of international followers a rare opportunity to participate and engage in the show from India, Australia, Dubai, or the UK. In turn, we offer our guests the opportunity to engage with an international audience. We will again tap into social media platforms to amplify audiences. We are delighted to invite you to be part of this exciting new project!


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