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The Perfect Serve

Premieres Saturday, November 14 2020, at 4.00pm on Nine

The Perfect Serve, launching this Saturday at 4.00pm on Nine, follows the journey of three unique and inspiring female chefs as they prepare to deliver a first-class menu at one of Australia’s most exclusive dining events.

From the heart of Melbourne, this five-part series provides behind-the-scenes access inside the AO Chef Series, an innovative pop-up dining experience that has become a highlight of the Australian Open tennis tournament.

We head to Bangkok, Tasmania and Mumbai for an intimate portrait of these three passionate chefs: Bo Songvisava, Analiese Gregory and Sarah Todd.

The series takes viewers on a tantalising journey as Bo, Analiese and Sarah prepare to head to Melbourne for this exclusive culinary event.

We take a close-up look into the process these chefs go through to conceive, source and test their menus and join them as they travel far and wide, meeting farmers, growers and producers, in search of the best ingredients for their signature dishes.

And finally, after months of planning, we get a firsthand look at the culinary and logistical challenges of staging this premium dining event in the heart of a major global sporting event.

Providing a rare insight into the high-adrenaline demands of fine dining food service, we follow each chef as they navigate the pressured environment of a commercial kitchen in full operation and put their reputations on the line while VIPs, chefs and international foodies line up to put their creations under the microscope.


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