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Founded by Director, Aisling Brady, AE is a boutique public relations consultancy that specialises in the arts, film, music, books and hospitality that works all over Australia and in select international markets, including India. 


At AE we work alongside our clients in a very collaborative way, making the most of our expertise and diverse experiences in the field to ensure the optimum result for each project, person or brand. We work as an extension of your team, driving your social media campaigns and overall media strategy to ensure your audience is seamlessly connected to key media and influencers via a highly personal and creative service.


With decades of experience under our belt, AE offers an array of bespoke services: whether it is negotiating a brand partnership, developing a social media strategy with a top influencer or delivering a national publicity campaign - we create content that excites your audience, demonstrates authenticity and meets your goals! 


Ultimately, we are successful because we care - and we take the time to develop meaningful and successful relationships. We want to help you create a public image and brand you can be proud of.


"We work across arts, books, music, film and food categories bringing an immediate diversity to your campaign that is seldom offered elsewhere."

"Boutique services based on results and trust…"

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Melbourne, Australia, VIC, 3032 




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