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We offer retainer and project-based clients a full range of services designed to increase awareness and effectively establish brands

in the marketplace among select media, celebrities and clientele.


Learn how to boost your profile and your profits with strategic marketing

Marketing is one of the most important areas of launching your product or your business, though for a lot of people with budget constraints, it is often the first area to go or it is overlooked completely! But the fact is - it doesn't matter how good your book, film, product or service is, if you have no customers! The reality is you don't need to spend a fortune on marketing to reach new customers... you just need creative solutions that get you the results that you want. 


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One of the most effective ways to reach your customers is with a tailored message through the media.


What the media say about a product, service or company can have an incredible influence over their audience. Getting great coverage from the media relies heavily on the relationship you create with journalists as well as how interesting your pitch is! It’s a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits for your product as well as your brand.


We have run highly successful PR campaigns not only in Australia but also internationally in countries like Ireland, UK, India and South Africa! From large events to books, films and theatre - we get creative to get you coverage!


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How to get noticed using our expertise and experience in public relations and the media


Are you interested in copywriting that sells?

It’s no secret that you only have seconds to make an impact with your audience. You only have just a few short sentences to give people a reason to keep reading. That is why the quality and significance of the words you use in your promotional material, presentations and pitches are critical.


So what do we write? Anything from content writing to brochures, letters, e-books, newsletters, scripts, collateral... you get the picture!


Anything that helps you sell your business or product and will get you results! We can help decide what you want to write and write it well.