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Book Publicist Melbourne

Aisling Enterprises Is Your Answer to a Publicist in Melbourne OR Australia

Have you been searching for a book publicist in Melbourne or asking Google for a publicist near me? Well then contact us at Aisling Enterprises today!


If you have a finished product or event but you are unsure of how to get the message out there - then a book publicist is exactly what you need to help get the word out.


The fact is, even if your book  is amazing it will not become a hit if no one knows about it  - so you need to ensure they are able to find it first.  Start your search for a book publicist in Melbourne today to begin receiving the attention you need to put your book into the hands of the best bloggers for quality reviews, book recommendations and to create a real buzz about your book.

At Aisling Enterprises you will find a highly skilled and sought after book publicist, in our Director, Aisling Brady, who will help put your name on the map and your book in the hands of readers across the nation, with the results from our previous clients speaking for themselves.

You did all the hard work in creating your masterpiece, so let someone else do the work of placing you in the right place at the right time for high profile media interviews and enable us to assist with generating ongoing publicity opportunities for you and your book. Aisling Enterprises is the agency you want on your side to help spread the word about your book in the coming months.

Need more proof? Check out our testimonials page for honest reviews from our past clients to see how pleasantly surprised they were with not only our exceptional service, but at how fast they began to receive media attention and develop a brand they can be a proud of.

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