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Australia’s most famous Ted at 50….and single


IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 23rd August 2018 - Melbourne:

Within the Australian retail trade, Ted Todd is a bit of a legend. His cartooned face is recognised all over Australia and is still used for advertising campaigns decades after his sale of his business, Ted’s Cameras. However, like most successful people there is a tale to tell …one that helped shape the man behind the cartoon. Born in Hungary in 1941 Ted’s childhood was plagued by heartbreak, poverty and turmoil as Hitler’s Nazi occupation began to grip his homeland and his surviving family was forced into life in the Jewish ghetto. His survival alongside his mother through the war, his life as a refugee in a camp in Austria and his eventual immigration to Australia in the 1950s, resulted in the self-made man we know today.

So, after Ted’s 25-year marriage broke up he set out on his journey into singledom with many high hopes and some misgivings. Where does a 50 something year old man go to meet a woman these days? Get on the net? Go to bars? Join a tennis club? Ask friends? Ted did all of the above….and then he wrote a book about it. The book entitled 50 something Male, fit self-employed, GSOH looking for charming, intelligent, good looking woman… is a series of sad, funny and raunchy short stories about middle aged men navigating the world of modern relationships. With this book Ted aims to show that men are just as vulnerable as women however in different ways and examine relationships between men and women at more mature age.

In 2013 the median age of divorced men in Australia was 44 years old and in nearly half of those cases (47.4%) this involved children under the age of 18. This second chance at life and love is something that has piqued public interest in Australia in recent times and we have watched many high-profile men in Australia navigate this journey in the public eye.

Ted says, ““I’m so looking forward to sharing this book with readers. This has been a long deeply personal journey and it is wonderful to finally be at this point as this book has been in the making for over ten years. After my marriage broke down I experienced some of the angst, fun and bloody-minded mistakes we all tend to make at a time like that. I also experienced the loneliness, being totally lost and the desperate need to put life back together. I hope that this book will show that men are just as vulnerable as women however in different ways. …and that compatibility in a relationship is the most important issue; not compromise. “

50 something Male offers a refreshing outlook on love, sex and intimate relationships that many of us will be able to recognise ourselves in and relate to parts of. The book demonstrates what Ted and his friends feel most men want. All the stories are fiction … or are inspired by the experiences of Ted and his research talking to single men over 50.

This book will appeal to men and women over 40 who are somewhat curious about what life, love and relating with a member of the opposite sex is all about.

Ted will be launching the book on Wednesday 5th September 2018 at Readings in St Kilda.


About the Author:

Ted Todd was born in Hungary in 1941. After the Holocaust and the following Stalinist years, he escaped Hungary with his mother and younger brother in 1956 after the Hungarian revolution. He currently lives in Melbourne where in 1970 he established a well-known retail chain, Ted’s Camera stores. Since the sale of the business, Ted has facilitated sales and marketing workshops and consultancies at the Australian Institute of Management and other venues, operated other businesses, and has concurrently facilitated ‘Human Relationships’ courses for the past 33 years.

Ted was married for 25 years and is now divorced with three children and eight grandchildren.

In more recent times Ted returned to tertiary studies, attaining a B.A. and a Grad. Dip. in Human Relationships Education, and a Ph.D. in Literature/Creative Writing.

Now Dr. Ted he has written several books, including The Secrets of Successful Selling on sales, marketing and communications, A Doubtful Inheritance (a work of fiction), The Software of the Personality and more.

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