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LOVE SERMON with Clementine Ford & Libby Donovan


MELBOURNE: August 2022 – Award-winning writer, broadcaster and feminist Clementine Ford has made quite a name for herself as one of Australia’s most prominent feminist commentators. She has released three best-selling books and has gained hundreds of thousands of followers across her social media. After the success of her most recent book, How We Love: Notes on Life, Clementine has taken this exploration of love in its many forms to the stage, along with her talented friend and celebrated musician, Libby O’Donovan.

The show entitled, Love Sermon is a secular sermon on matters of the heart, as it looks at all the ways that love manifolds into our lives. For several years Clementine has been one of Australia's most provocative feminists, making public appearances and writing columns that were branded as angry and "man-hating". However, following a challenging beginning to motherhood and a relationship break-up, she began to tire of the endless controversy and hostility.

Clementine says, “The Love Sermon is a life affirming celebration exploring the ways we hope, the ways we connect, the ways we grieve and yes, the ways we love. We mistake romantic love for being the only kind of love that matters, but this is just one small part of human connection. Our Love Sermon will have you laughing and weeping in equal measure, but most of all it will remind you that the gift of loving in all its messy complexities is at the heart of what it means to be alive.”

Equally, critically acclaimed jazz singer and cabaret performer, Libby O’Donovan has had a massive year which has seen her inducted into the Australasian Country Music Roll of Renown, as well as being presented with Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2022 Icon Award. She was also awarded Queen’s Birthday honours this year and received her OAM for services to jazz and cabaret.

Libby says, “I believe love is the greatest four-letter word of all time. We dedicate songs, poetry, paintings, and our entire lives to it. Love Sermon weaves together the beauty of music and the power of spoken word to celebrate all the facets of love.”

In this powerful and uplifting show, Clementine and Libby will have you laughing, weeping, and cheering as they take you on a life affirming exploration of love and the powerful ways it makes its home in our hearts. Love Sermon will tour across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria throughout October and November this year.

Clementine Ford & Libby O’Donovan are available for interview by arrangement.

To arrange an interview, or to attend one of the shows please contact Publicist Aisling Brady - m: 0424 520 345 or e:



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